For Pastors

Pastors, we'd love to partner with you as you seek to train the next generation


Growth as a Christian is always connected with a local church. Therefore we`d love to partner with you as a pastor to support a member of your church in their walk with Jesus.

Often the pathway into church ministry begins with a strong experience of a call to ministry. Those who have this experience are then sent to seminary to be trained. Since seminary is very expensive and time-consuming people are hesitant to take this step unless they are sure the Lord is leading them in this way.

Our goal is to provide a step in-between for people to find out whether God is leading them in this way. We believe God will gladly confirm a next step for each Christian to follow whatever way God is leading them. That maybe to continue a regular job and develop the gifts God has given them, to be a light in their workplace and neighborhood. That maybe to accept a challenge to use their gifts in a ministry within their Church and help the Church grow inward and outward. That maybe a call to serve the Lord full time and go the next step to a Bible School or Theological Seminar.

We would like to partner with you and your church and encourage you to mentor the participant of your church during their time at the Christian Seicho Center.
We`d love to learn from your experiences and partner together.

If you like please get in contact with.