Our Vision

What is the goal of the Christian Seicho (Growth) Center?

Christian Seicho Center (CSC) is a discipleship training program that supports the spiritual growth of Christians who have become disciples of Jesus.
It bridges the gap between local church ministry and Bible school education and helps to raise up the next generation of lay leaders, pastors, and missionaries.
CSC provides a place to slow down, be still before the true God, study the Bible with other Christians, and put God’s Word into practice in cooperation with the local church and pastors.
CSC helps Christians in their commitment to “live according to Jesus”.

Why does the Christian Seicho (Growth) Center exist?

The Japanese church is facing an imminent leadership crisis. 47% of Japanese pastors are over 70, 89 % are over 50. Already around 1 in 8 churches have no pastor. 
The lay people are busy at home and at work, but they do their best to support the church, often reaching their limits.
Many churches are treading water. They lack the strength to move forward, sometimes they also lack vision.
Japanese Churches have fundamentally recognized that they should invest in developing a new generation of leaders, but it is so hard to focus on this in the midst of busy church life.
As the Christian Seicho (Growth) Center we know that we don’t have all the answers to this problem, but we long to partner with local churches to help address this challenge.
We seek to bring like-minded churches together so that we can pool our efforts and more effectively train future leaders.

Who is the Christian Seicho (Growth) Center for?

We are looking for people who long to know God better and to feel His love for them more.
Who long to know Jesus, the Son of God, even better and to become more like Him.
Who long to discover more fully the gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit and to use them for God’s glory and for God’s kingdom.
We would like to train those with the Christian Seicho Center program who want to grow together with other Christians in following Jesus and discovering God’s plan for their lives.
We would like to help them to find out if they should continue to faithfully work in their church as a lay person, or whether God has even called them to attend Bible school to later become a pastor or missionary.
If you want to grow like this and you are between 18 and into 40, please sign up for the program. (People from outside the Tokai region are also welcome, online participation is also possible).
Besides participants from the Japan Free Evangelical Church, we also welcome participants from any evangelical Christian church, regardless of denomination or gender, however, a recommendation by the pastor of your church is required.