Please Contact us!

If you are interested in joining the CSC one year training program, please contact us and come to the Try Day which will take place on July 6th 2024.

The venue will be announced shortly.

To talk further to one of our staff, please contact us.

The application process

We are delighted you are thinking of applying. We encourage you, if you are thinking about applying, to speak to your pastor, not least because we ask all applications to get an okay from their pastor.
The application process is as follows
  1. Discuss with your pastor and ensure they will recommend you
  2. Fill in the forms (below)
  3. We will review your documents and ask for an interview
  4. We will get in contact with your pastor in order to discuss mentoring, etc.

Application Form

If you`d like to apply please complete the following form and return it to us.