Here you will find some testimonies of people
who participated the CSC-Program

When I thought about what it means to live 100% Jesus, I wondered if it means to be a pastor or a missionary? I wondered if this seminar was for that purpose. So I was a little reluctant.
However, I decided to attend the seminar because I wanted to know about God and seek His will.
In the first course, I liked the way we started by defining what percentage of the time I felt I was living in Jesus.
Then I realized that I had been interpreting God through false stories from the exercises. I found myself being achievement-oriented, and from that, I found peace in the fact that I wanted to immerse myself in God’s love first, and that He was more than willing to serve me.
I couldn’t help but think in the sense that if I did good things, good things would come back to me, and I thought that I would receive blessings from God for my service.
Instead, I began to think, “What can I do as a response to God’s love?
From the lyrics of the song “Because there is always something only I can do,” I wanted to practice a response of love that I can do because I am the one who can do it.

From A.