1-Year Program

The CSC one year training program will start in September 2024 and we will last until June 2025.
Before we start in September there will be a “CSC Try day” in July for everybody who is interested in participating the whole one-year-program and who wants to understand more what the CSC is and what he can expect of the program in detail. 
We plan to have the “CSC Try Day”on July 6th from 9.00 am until 1.00 pm at Iwakura Christ Church.
Please save the date and attend at the “Try day”. More details about this day you find in the flyer. (See at the end of this page)

On September 14th  the CSC program will begin with the “Starting Day”.
It will be a time for participants to get to know the CSC staff and the other participants better. They will also be able to get to know themselves better with the help of a personality test. Participants will once again get a summary overview of the CSC’s work and a first look at the year’s theme. Of course, we will also have plenty of time to meet God in worship and to listen to His voice in silence.
It is planned that the “Starting Day” will last from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

From October 2024 until May 2025 there will be the CSC four-pillar training program that was explained above in detail.

On June 28th 2025 we are planning the “Final Day”. On this day, we will end the one-year training program of the CSC with a grand graduation ceremony. We will celebrate God and what He has done during the one year journey. And we will ask God even more what HIS calling is for our lives. At the end, we will place each participant under God’s blessing and send them to the place God has assigned them in His Kingdom.

On July 5th 2025 we as CSC plan to have the next “CSC Try day” to gain new participants for the second 1-year training program. The participants of the first 1-year program are of course invited to also join the second one.

The following is an overview of the monthy events during one-year CSC program (from July 2024 until June 2025)




2024/7/6 (Sat.)

Try Day I

Iwakura Christ Church

2024/9/14 (Sat.)

Starting Day

Inazawa Christ Church

2024/10/19 (Sat.)

Worship and Bible

 Ai HOPE Church

2024/11/10 (Sun.afternoon)


Tokai Christ Church

2024/12/14 (Sat.)

Spiritual Challenge


2025/1/25 (Sat.)

Worship and Bible

 Tenpaku Christ Church


2025/2/22 (Sat.morning) ?

Opportunity for Horizon Broadening


2025/3/19 (Wed.evening)-3/20(Thur.,holiday)

Spiritual Challenge


2025/4/19 (Sat.)

Worship and Bible


2025/5/25 (Sun.afternoon)



2025/6/28 (Sat.)

Final Day(Graduation Ceremony)


2025/7/5 (Sat.)

Try Day II